Monday, August 9, 2010

Battle MacBook Part I

Having successfully disrupted mama from her work, Lalo lies contently upon the conquered laptop.

The laptop's error sounds of protest at having a 11 pound cat on its body sounds like a sweet lullaby to Lalo.

Hark! Do I hear Zoey awakening from her slumber? Quick, I must prepare myself lest she steals the laptop from my grasp!

Ooooh is that mama's laptop? *__*

While Lalo lies vigilant, Zoey moves in like a stealthy ninja seal pup.

Just as Zoey rises for the attack, Lalo thinks quick and offers mama's book as a distraction.

Zoey: Oooooh book!
(It's working!)
Lalo: *nonchalant*


Um, guys? Can I have my laptop and book back?

To be continued...

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