Monday, August 16, 2010

Legend of the Cat Tower

Once upon a time, Prince Lalo ruled the Cat Tower alone.

Then one day he became a big brother. Princess Zoey quickly claimed the Cat Tower as her own.

Defeated by the acrobatic monkey cat's antics, Lalo took refuge on mama's computer desk while Zoey played joyously.

But Zoey's celebration came to an end when she realized it was loney at the top.

She missed her big brother very much.

So Zoey went on a quest to find her long lost brother. After a time, she finally found him drowning his sorrows in cat nap.

Instead of being angry with her, Lalo greeted her happily and told her she needed a bath after her travels.

After her bath the two siblings curled up to sleep.

Next day Prince Lalo & Princess Zoey returned to the Cat Tower and ruled side by side. It wasn't lonely at the top anymore.

The End. :)


  1. Aw~ love this!! I wish I can get a sibling for Dusty, but I'm afraid I'm having enough trouble with him alone.. :(

  2. If you did that you wouldn't have time to do anything but clean puppy poo/pee! :P