Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Zoey

Here I am, posing for mama (my work around here is never done). I call this piece 'Lonely Cat'

Zoey: Hey big brother, whacha doin?

Lalo: Dude, you're in the way!

Zoey: ?

Zoey: What's goin on here? *___*

Lalo: I'm modeling for mama. I call this pose the 'Lonely Cat.' Now if you'll excuse us...

Zoey: Oh! Oh! I wanna try! I wanna try!

Lalo: !!

Lalo: Dude...


Lalo: You don't have the sophistication required for my line of work.

Zoey: ..............okay so ANYWAY, I call this the 'talk-to-the-tail-cuz-the-face-is-busy-outshining-you.' I think I might shorten it to 'The Zoey.'

Lalo: ...........

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