Thursday, November 3, 2011

What she sees

The mighty tigress patrols her domain, her keen eyes searching for prey. In this harsh desert environment, only the toughest predator can survive.
Here we see the tigress taking refuge under a desert bush with her brother. Rare bushes like this scattered across the landscape provide these predators' only source of water--
Lalo: Dude, there's wet grass right behind you. You know, WET, because the SPRINKLERS were on just moments ago.
Zoey: Lalo, do you always have to be such a stick in the mud?! Now, where was I...
The life of a tigress in the Asphalt Jungle is not an easy one. Her main prey, Daddy's Toes, are constantly on the move, and usually protected by a thick layer of shoes. Here the tigress looks into the distance, listening for any signs of her only known predator, the Lawn Maintenance Guy.
Lalo: Good grief.

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