Sunday, February 12, 2012

Zoey Loves Modeling

*sigh* Is it more modeling time?

Lalo: ??
Mama: ?? (note: I got this shot as she literally came in front of Lalo and the camera. lol)
Zoey: Oooo is it modeling time?!

Zoey: Hold on, you guys, let me get my game face on! 
Lalo: Whatever, Mom and her camera are ALL yours! (Maybe now I can nap in peace...)

Zoey: Sexy

Zoey: Smoldering

Zoey: Bored.
Mama: Bored?
Zoey: Just go with it.

Zoey: Cute!
Mama: That's the one!

Zoey: You should ask Grandpa if you can *permanently borrow* his camera, Mom. It really does wonders for your photos!

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