Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Romeow & Zoey, eh? (Part IV - Finale)

(Sorry about the late finale. Creative differences among actors and all that!)

Romeow: Peace, Lalo. I do not wish to fight you. I love your sister!

Lalo: I know you think you do, but be reasonable! You've just met. How could you love her when you don't even know her? I mean, she's a good pillow--I mean, a good sister--to me but the truth is, she is nuts.

Romeow: How dare you insult my beautiful--

Lalo: Besides, she was fixed when she was a baby. It's not like you're gonna go have babies with her and live happily ever after!

Romeow: Wh-what?! You lie, sir! Say it isn't true!

Lalo: Whatever, Dude. Go ask my Mama if you don't believe me.

Romeow: Dear Lady, is it true?! Is Zoey really, uh, 'fixed'???

Mama: Sure, but what does it matter? I thought you just wanted to make bread and roll in dirt together? (And you seriously need to tone down the drama--those claws hurt!)

Romeow: But I'm a tom, a lover! You know how it is, right?  ^___^   Besides, your son says she is nutters.

Mama: Pfft, whatever, you scalawag! It's just as well, you probably would've loved her and left her with a handful of mouths to feed on her own. My Zoey deserves better than that! (And she is only crazy during her waking hours!)

Zoey: ....you three are all grounded! (If zipping around the house at four in the morning while growling ferociously for no reason whatsoever is 'crazy,' then I don't wanna be 'sane' anyway!) But Mama is right, I am too cute for this nonsense. I'm going inside and taking a nap!

(The End)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Romeow & Zoey, eh? (Part III)

Zoey: Boy, I do NOT want to be Lalo right now! But now that he is wrapped with with Mama, I must have word with my man.

Zoey: Hi, Dude. Sorry about my crazy brother.

Romeow: Zoey! How cam'st thou hither, tell me, and wherefore? If my kinsmen find thee, they will murder thee! (looks around in panic)

Zoey: What? Dude, we were just talking like, a moment ago. You're the one who wanted to go roll in dirt? And by your 'kinsmen' do you mean your human? Because he talks to my Dad sometimes when we're out walking, and he's totally cool with me. He even pet me a few times.

Romeow: Oh. Huh. Is...is this some sort of gritty reboot of the original story? Because frankly, I'm really not sure where you're going with this.

Zoey: Yeah? Well you're in no position to talk; I'm pretty sure that was my line that you botched up there.

Romeow: Wait, I think your brother's coming!

Zoey: Go! I'll stall him!

Lalo: Mama's relented, as I knew she would. So, what are we looking at here, sis?

Zoey: What? Nothing, I'm just staring at the wall and not stalling for time while Romeow makes his escape!

Zoey: OMG, is Mama petting a dog over there?!

Lalo: WHAT? My own mother?! Pet a dog?!

Zoey: Well, it looks like that could just be her camera she's holding, but let's go check to make sure!

Romeow:  My lady is Aphrodite & Athena in one fluffy body! Oh, how clever and fair she is!

Lalo: Alright, Cheeseball, hold it right there! You and me are gonna have a little talk!

Will Romeow be able to win Lalo's trust & approval? Will Zoey finally get to roll (in dirt) with her love? Does Lalo really care about his sister, or does he have more sinister agenda? Is Mama really petting a dog, of all things?! Find out in the last installment of Romeo & Zoey, eh? (Part IV)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Romeow & Zoey, eh? (Part II)

Romeow: The ground is so nice and warm! Come make bread* with me, my love! (*Romeow's pose is sometimes known as the 'bread pose' because it makes the cat look like a loaf of bread. Lalo is also 'making bread' in this photo.)

Zoey: Make...make what with you? Dude, you're really cute and all, but we just met, and I--


Mama: Lalo, you be nice, okay? No fighting!

Romeow: Who's that?

Zoey: Oh, I get it: bread!


Mama: Oh no you just didn't, sir!

Zoey: Wow, Dude, I can't believe you went there. I'm getting outta here before Mama's wrath descends upon you and anyone within the vicinity! Flee, Romeow, I'm right behind you Dude!

Lalo: *!@#!

Lalo: Mama, you know I love you, right? No, stay! I can love you from afar! I can totally love you from afar!!!

Lalo: (I can feel her right behind me...okay, this is it. I must use my ultimate weapon...if that doesn't appease her anger, I don't know what will...)

Lalo: Look, Ma: CUTE! You're standing right next to me and you could easily crush me beneath your heels but I'm laying right here because I love you and I trust you and I don't want you to be mad and I'm just worry about Zoey because she's my sister and you know that Romeow is up to no good, and... O_O

(Will Mama's anger be appeased by Lalo's ultimate weapon of cute? What will become of Zoey and Romeow's love? To be continued...)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Romeow & Zoey, eh? (Part I)

Zoey: !!! (Be still, my heart!)

Romeow: !!!!!!!!! (Did my heart love till now?)

Romeow: Um...hey.

Zoey: Hey yourself.

Romeow: Do you, uh, wanna go lay in the shade together, and then maybe go rollin' in dirt later?

Zoey: Well, I--

Lalo: What the...my baby sister? With that hooligan?! Oh HELL no!!

Narrator: Seething with white rage (or maybe blurred by Mama's shaky grip on the camera, one or the other), Lalo hurries to put an end to the nonsense between his baby sister and the tomcat. To be continued...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zoey Pillow

Zoey: I don't know if it's this crazy spring weather, but I feel so heavy & hot...

Mama: Actually, Lalo is using you as a pillow.

Zoey: !!!

Lalo: Well, Mama, you're the one who wants us to get along and be 'good' to each other.

Mama: Yeah, that's true..carry on, then. Carry on.

Zoey: But my paws...you're...he's...laying on my paws...I can't move...(I have to pee...)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jealous Much?

Zoey: I love Daddy, and Daddy loves me! Jealous, Lalo?

Lalo: .....yeah, that's it. I'm speechless with jealousy.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Normal is Overrated

Mama: You know, the internet is full of pictures of cats in mid-air, playing with Da Bird.

Zoey: Uh huh. And if internet was full of pictures of cats jumping off a bridge, would you want us to emulate that as well?

Mama: Touché. Why can't you guys act like normal cats once in a while?

Monday, March 5, 2012

If I Must

I'm really not in the mood for games, Mom...I'm...I'm serious...no...mood...games...I...um...okay, you twisted my arm!