Saturday, March 24, 2012

Romeow & Zoey, eh? (Part III)

Zoey: Boy, I do NOT want to be Lalo right now! But now that he is wrapped with with Mama, I must have word with my man.

Zoey: Hi, Dude. Sorry about my crazy brother.

Romeow: Zoey! How cam'st thou hither, tell me, and wherefore? If my kinsmen find thee, they will murder thee! (looks around in panic)

Zoey: What? Dude, we were just talking like, a moment ago. You're the one who wanted to go roll in dirt? And by your 'kinsmen' do you mean your human? Because he talks to my Dad sometimes when we're out walking, and he's totally cool with me. He even pet me a few times.

Romeow: Oh. Huh. this some sort of gritty reboot of the original story? Because frankly, I'm really not sure where you're going with this.

Zoey: Yeah? Well you're in no position to talk; I'm pretty sure that was my line that you botched up there.

Romeow: Wait, I think your brother's coming!

Zoey: Go! I'll stall him!

Lalo: Mama's relented, as I knew she would. So, what are we looking at here, sis?

Zoey: What? Nothing, I'm just staring at the wall and not stalling for time while Romeow makes his escape!

Zoey: OMG, is Mama petting a dog over there?!

Lalo: WHAT? My own mother?! Pet a dog?!

Zoey: Well, it looks like that could just be her camera she's holding, but let's go check to make sure!

Romeow:  My lady is Aphrodite & Athena in one fluffy body! Oh, how clever and fair she is!

Lalo: Alright, Cheeseball, hold it right there! You and me are gonna have a little talk!

Will Romeow be able to win Lalo's trust & approval? Will Zoey finally get to roll (in dirt) with her love? Does Lalo really care about his sister, or does he have more sinister agenda? Is Mama really petting a dog, of all things?! Find out in the last installment of Romeo & Zoey, eh? (Part IV)

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