Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Romeow & Zoey, eh? (Part IV - Finale)

(Sorry about the late finale. Creative differences among actors and all that!)

Romeow: Peace, Lalo. I do not wish to fight you. I love your sister!

Lalo: I know you think you do, but be reasonable! You've just met. How could you love her when you don't even know her? I mean, she's a good pillow--I mean, a good sister--to me but the truth is, she is nuts.

Romeow: How dare you insult my beautiful--

Lalo: Besides, she was fixed when she was a baby. It's not like you're gonna go have babies with her and live happily ever after!

Romeow: Wh-what?! You lie, sir! Say it isn't true!

Lalo: Whatever, Dude. Go ask my Mama if you don't believe me.

Romeow: Dear Lady, is it true?! Is Zoey really, uh, 'fixed'???

Mama: Sure, but what does it matter? I thought you just wanted to make bread and roll in dirt together? (And you seriously need to tone down the drama--those claws hurt!)

Romeow: But I'm a tom, a lover! You know how it is, right?  ^___^   Besides, your son says she is nutters.

Mama: Pfft, whatever, you scalawag! It's just as well, you probably would've loved her and left her with a handful of mouths to feed on her own. My Zoey deserves better than that! (And she is only crazy during her waking hours!)

Zoey: ....you three are all grounded! (If zipping around the house at four in the morning while growling ferociously for no reason whatsoever is 'crazy,' then I don't wanna be 'sane' anyway!) But Mama is right, I am too cute for this nonsense. I'm going inside and taking a nap!

(The End)

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