Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Duck Hunt

Last year, I decided to host a Easter Duck Hunt for the kitties. I waited until they were on the patio, sunning themselves, and quietly opened a jar of freeze-dried duck breast to hide around the house. I hid a piece on top of the cat tower, and one at the bottom. A big piece under the couch, just within paw's reach, and another small one around the corner. On top of the bookshelf and under the bed, even a few just inside one of the empty bathroom cabinets they like to open/hide in.

I was having a good time walking around the house and emptying the jar's contents into the nooks and crannies. With just a handful left, I was wondering if I should put that in a pile somewhere--the 'mother load,' if you will--when I turned around and found Zoey hot on my trial. That sneaky little brat had been following me around the whole house, munching away! So much for the Easter Duck Hunt! We ended up setting the remaining treats out for a very confused and cautious Lalo while Zoey watched from a distance (held down so she can't steal anymore treats from Lalo)! Below are the evidence photos from last year:

Lalo: All these treats, just for me?? Thanks Mama! *nom* *nom*

Zoey: Noooooooo! Unhand me, brute! What kind of 'Easter Duck Hunt' is this?! It's more like 'Easter Cat Torture!'

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